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 Mr. Blink Cover Song List

The following is a list of cover songs that Mr.Blink has in their repertoire. Combined with their originals, every show is a unique, potent brew of musical styles, tastes and rhythms.

Ah, the cover song. The argument between musicians goes from "You have to play covers in order to get gigs" to "Playing other people's music means you are selling out your own artistry". Bands that play only originals often look down at bands that do covers and in our case have heckled us at shows, wrote hate graffiti on bathroom walls, and generally treated us with disdain and contempt. Here is my position and Mr. Blink's philosophy:

First, of all...relax. It's only music. It's not war, disease or a competition. If you must hate something... hate evil.

Second, bands play covers for many different reasons. Some do it because they can't get enough gigs playing their originals to satisfy their desire to perform, or cannot earn enough money playing their own music to pay the rent, clothe the kids or buy studio time. Others play covers because they like the song and genuinely enjoy playing music they like.

Also, (in our case and probably most others), we play covers, but we also do originals. Explore our web-site for more information on our original tapes and lyrics to our songs. In a perfect world, maybe we could satisfy the creativity of everyone in the band while entertaining the audience with strictly our own music, but we can't.

Mr. Blink believes in tolerance and diversity, and tries to apply a sense of balance to this imperfect world. Anyone that is familiar with our band knows that we play cover and originals at our shows and everyone seems to have a good time. And isn't that what it's all about?

"If Mr. Blank (Blink crossed out) knew what intelligent people thought or their shit (music crossed out) they would go back to their paper routes and leave us in peace !"

- Popcorn Tavern, men's room wall

"Mr. Blink,

I was doing a web search for the lyrics to the Refreshments Banditos [we couldn't pick out the "give your ID card to the border guard"] and I stumbled into your site. The search must have produced your page because it's in your cover list.
Anyway, I'm writing because of your cover song philosophy; what a great stream of thought. You nailed it, fun and entertainment first. It's pretty bold to put in print what a lot of musicians believe but don't readily admit.
I printed off your list and philosophy for the other members of our band so that the next time we have 'artistic differences' we can refer to your credo.
I hope that you guys fulfill whatever goals in music and life that you have. Never heard you but I'm a fan."

- Drummer / April's Fool - Bowling Green, Kentucky

"Mr. Blink band,

I was referred to you site by another musician who worked in the Lacrosse area.

Just as background, I was a musician in Minneapolis in the 60's. Ridiculing bands who do covers is like making fun of Van Cliburn because he plays Beethoven Sonatas and Bach etudes. It is a sign of the ridiculing groups that they own a lack of confidence in their own abilities as musicians. Remembering the times during which I played professionally, a great deal of the best music around was "non-radio covers" that was on popular albums but never heard on broadcast stations.

Did you ever here any Blues Project songs on the Radio??? Neither have I. (If you are unfamiliar with the Blues Project, I would highly recommend you change that situation). In addition, most "originals" stink. If a band who ridicules other bands for playing covers had that many "great originals" of their own, they wouldn't be playing in an environment where they could write anything on the bathroom walls or heckle the other group. "If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?"

People enjoy original music and get to know a group by such songs; people also enjoy music with which they are familiar. In my opinion musicians perform for three reasons; one is to perfect your own abilities and artistry, another is to perform for other musicians (showing off), thirdly for the crowd and fans (not always one and the same).

Perfecting your own abilites can be easily done using pre-written material...improvise or play the cover note-for-note...both show artistry of differing kinds, artistry to yourself and other musicians. The crowd will enjoy a performance of a well-done cover as much as an original. It is interesting that, from my own perspective, I am more proud of the fact that I received a great deal of respect from other musicians than I am regretful over never having had a "hit" (other than studio-work). I enjoyed it. That's what matters most!

I notice you do a cover of Van Morrison's Into The Mystic. Anybody who would ridicule a group for this would be a real asshole."

- Anonymous - Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota