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This Place in Time review

LaX, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. June 16, 1993:

"Over the past three or four years, Mr. Blink has staked out a solid place for itself in the local scene. As a bar band, their hallmark has been their wide versatility, and they are capable of everything from reggae to post-punk roots rock. So it should come as no surprise that this, their first cassette, should reflect that diverse sound in their own music. Blink touches on everything from country to fusion in their songs, though everything is played in a manner that suggests early '70s Van Morrison to this listener."

"The songs themselves are Mike Caucutt's personal vision. They often have social or political (sometimes overtly so) themes, taking in the big picture, as in "Free" or the locally fueled "Stupid City". Mike's lyrics have a hippie-inspired ethos but are certainly not trapped in any time warp (but then neither is political consciousness - at least it shouldn't be). Blink isn't cutting edge perhaps, but they are as solid as any American roots rock band you'll find on the upper Mississippi these days."

-Ted Johnson