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Tune Up review

Tune UpMidwest Showcase magazine, Chicago,Illinois:

"Mr. Blink gives roadhouse rock some spice by kickin' out the jams on their new disc Tune-Up. The addition of saxophone lends a nice seasoning to their music which has a laid-back rock feel and a good-time vibe. Mike Caucutt's faux-reggae vocals on the track "Free" don't really make the cut but he makes up for it on songs like "Runaway" and "Summertime". The most beautiful song on the album is highlighted by a delicately melodic piano.

"I Only Got One Brat" is strange and funny with its gitty-up rhythm. "What To Do?" has a sweet jazzy guitar flowing that are complimented by a flush saxophone that picks things up midway through the track. Overall, Tune-Up is a pretty impressive collection of songs that will at least put a smile on your face despite a few misses here and there."

- Eric Kaplan