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This Place in Time review

MUSE NEWS, Des Moines, Iowa:

"Mr. Blink's new cassette demonstrates what can happen when you put seven free-spirited musicians together in a room with lots of recording equipment. This tape has more personalities than Sybil. They move from jazzy funk ("Everything is Getting Little") to reggae ("Free") with the mere blink of an eye. A variety pack of rootsy musical styles. The common thread that ties this 14-song project together is Mike Caucutt's gravelly vocals and his endearing, often sarcastic lyrics.

If Mr. Blink was comprised of anything less than top-notch players, this tape would suffer. But they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. They saved my favorite cut for last --"I Went to College"--but it was well worth tracking through the other 13 to get to it. Keep an eye out for La Crosse, Wisconsin's Mr. Blink -- their appearances here in central Iowa are few and far between."