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This Place in Time review

Dandelion Whine, La Crosse, Wisconsin:

"This Place in Time" is easy listening, a mellow blend of roots rock and juke box good times. In this cassette release, Mr. Blink finally records many original songs that have peppered their set lists for the last couple years, most notably "Summertime" and "I Went to College." My friend Lora liked "Corn," an old King Cheiver song re-worked into a down home cowbilly rocker. Arguably the best song on the tape. Lora was less impressed with "What To Do," a piano bar/jazz/lounge number with a simple repeating melody line. If you like Tom Waits, this may be for you. Mike Caucutt sings and writes memorable intelligent folk-rock that more often than not touches on the political. A tight, tasty album that grows on you with every listen."

- Jim Schmidt